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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.

It has been a very sad time with tragic events we never expected, which can make us feel helpless and hopeless. This is the time for self care and finding inner strength, and the very first thing to do is take a deep, slow breath to help calm the body, mind and spirit. Even just a big sigh helps change the energy and has been great medicine for me.

I wish collectively we could reach out and achieve peace in this world, but at least we can send thoughts of love, peace and healing because every thought counts.

I’m going to share a story with you. Before my mom was born, her parents were forced out of their home in Sicily due to war and poverty. Before the war, her parents and grandparents lived in beautiful homes and villas which were destroyed and looted in the war. Her parents landed in the United Stated with only the clothes on their backs and did not speak English. After Mom was born here, she did not learn English till she started school. Then when she was 9, her little brother died in a tragic accident and her mom died the next year. These traumas can last a lifetime and we don’t always get over them, but finding our inner strength, we can get through them, and that’s what my family did.

Mom became an amazing and beloved opera singer and brought joy to so many. She was my inspiration for a life of music, and music has helped us find our inner strength and healing. My album, ‘The Healing Heart’, was inspired by my family’s story and my own journey of healing, and was Mom’s favorite album of mine. She recently passed, but lived a wonderful and happy life with our dad.

Each kind and loving thought, helps heal our world. I send love, peace, healing and comfort to each and everyone of you, and appreciate you all more than you know. Thank you from my heart..

With love,


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