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diane arkenstone

Diane Arkenstone

Though her name has mostly been built as a prominent ambient music artist, Diane Arkenstone is a multi-genre musician. She has created transcendent ambient songs, as well as trance, world, americana, Native American, and Celtic music.”

The History and Ambiance of Celtic Music

Celtic music is a bright, vibrant genre with many eclectic sounds. This type of music originated from the countries of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The people who lived in these countries are referred to as ‘Celts,’ which is where the music developed its name.

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Celtic music can best be described as a form of folk music, with its own distinctive sounds and lyrics. Today, we hear Celtic music all around the world. Songs like Fields of Color by Diane Arkenstone are continuing to grace the world with its beautiful sounds.

An Ancient History

Celtic music has been around for centuries, dating back as far as the 1600s. To this day, this type of music is still one of the world’s most popular genres.

Some of the common musical instruments that you’ll hear featured in Celtic music include violin, lute, flute, harp, and of course, the bagpipe. This music is very popular for dancing, festivals, and weddings. That said, there’s a large variation of Celtic music—so you’ll hear anything from rousing dance tunes to tender ballads.

What Makes Celtic Music Unique?

If you’ve ever heard Celtic music, you probably took notice—there are many unique qualities and styles to this spiritual music that you won’t find in many other genres. Here are a few reasons why this genre is unique:

Celtic music is not typically played in harmony as in many other types of music. Rather, the music is played in ensembles, with the melody instruments playing in octaves.

Some modern Celtic artists, like Diane Arkenstone and her Avalon – A Celtic Legend album, are producing tunes that are relaxing, spiritual, and uplifting at the same time, making it a versatile music choice.

A Unique Blend of Music That’s Perfect for Any Kind of Listener

When it comes to some music genres, many of them are pretty black and white—you’re either into them or you’re not. Celtic music, however, is so varied that all different types of people find themselves enjoying different variations.

Just like in modern folk music, Celtic musicians often abandon the traditional and formal style, choosing instead a variation that involves innovative sounds like those produced from Uilleann Pipes, whistles, fiddles, or the Irish flute. There are so many ways to mix and blend this spiritual music to create an entirely unique sound. This is part of the reason why Celtic music is so well-loved and cherished all around the world.

Explore Diane Arkenstone’s Celtic Collection

Whether you’re a long-time Celtic music lover or you’re just dipping your toe into this genre, Diane Arkenstone has something for everyone to explore.

Have a listen to one of Diane’s newest releases “Fields of Color”, a  Celtic music delight.

You can check out her world music albums, which are available for listening and purchase on Apple or Amazon music and let the music lift your spirits and speak for itself.


Fields of Color

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