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diane arkenstone

Diane Arkenstone

Though her name has mostly been built as a prominent ambient music artist, Diane Arkenstone is a multi-genre musician. She has created transcendent ambient songs, as well as trance, world, americana, Native American, and Celtic music.”

The Power of Positive Meditation Music

Music can have a profound positive effect on both your body and your emotions. Upbeat music can make you feel more positive and optimistic. Fast-tempo music can give you the energy boost you need to concentrate better. And a slower tempo can help to quiet your mind and ease your muscles, allowing you to release the stress of the day.

positive meditation music

Music is a highly effective tool for promoting relaxation and managing stress. Let’s explore the power of positive meditation music.

What Is Meditation Music?

Meditation music is performed to aid in the practice of relaxation and meditation. There are several musical varieties that fall into the meditative space, making it difficult to define.

Healing music any type of music that is used to calm the mind, soothe the soul, and focus the thoughts. If used correctly, it can be transformative.

Types of Relaxing Music

There are many different types of music genres that produce relaxation music including; Native American, New Age, Celtic, Indian stringed-instruments, and more. Additionally, the sounds are nature can be very relaxing. The sounds of rain, thunder, birds, and other natural sounds provide a powerful punch of positivity and general well-being.

With so many sounds that can be considered meditative, it becomes a personal choice to find the type of music or sound that most resonates with you. You must first enjoy the music being played, and then it must soothe and relax you.
You can start by exploring different kinds of meditative music and finding the one(s) that relax you and put you in a positive state of mind. You’ll likely find that some relax you while others do not.

You should never force yourself to listen to music that irritates you as that can create tension rather than release it. Every person is different, making it imperative that you take the personal initiative to find the style that quiets your mind and soothes your body.

Releasing Stress Through The Power of Positive Meditation Music

Research has confirmed that music can indeed relax the body and put it into a meditative state. Current findings indicate that music around 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to harmonize with the beat which causes your alpha brainwaves to be activated.

These alpha brainwaves are what’s present when we are relaxed. Many people have the misconception that listening to meditative music will automatically put them to sleep, however, research shows that to induce sleep you may need to devote at least 45 minutes to listening to calming music in a relaxed position.

Further research studies into the power of positive meditation music have shown that it can change brain function in a similar capacity to medication. While replacing anxiety medications with meditative music may not be the answer for everyone, it’s certainly exciting to know that just listening to relaxing music has enough power to change your brain chemistry.

The Healing Spirit By Diane Arkenstone

If you’re ready to explore the positive energy associated with healing music, have a listen to Diane Arkenstone’s album The Healing Spirit. Her ambient tunes will allow your mind, body, and spirit to relax, melting the stress of the day away in a safe, healthy manner.