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Cool Waters of Life

New Release

Nature, love and the Earth, are the inspirations for these compilations. They each represent life in it’s most magnificent form without ego.

Avalon: Between Earth and Sky

New Release

We both love Celtic history, myths and magic, which is why we wrote the first Avalon album. And this new album is the continuation of the first one but from the feminine point of view, as the feminine energy gains power and recognition in the world, and keeps Avalon alive, on into the future.

The Crystal Shores

The Crystal Shores is the Queen’s place of solace, growth and deep thought where she shed her tears, grief and old life. As old energies are washed away by the Crystal Shores, she gains new energy, strength and empowerment, as she walks into her new life.

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Featured Spotify Playlists

The Avalon Videos

The Avalon Videos

This playlist contains all the videos from Avalon: Between Earth and...

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