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She Reigns Through Tears

She Reigns Through Tears represents the Queen’s old life being torn from her, yet as Queen, she has the responsibility to carry on. Behind the crown she wears a stoic face and hides a saddened heart, while deep inside a powerful change is being born. 
Listen to the first track off her and her composing partner David Arkenstone’s new album releasing in Spring 2022 called
Avalon: Between Earth and Sky.
Streaming Everywhere 11/19

Album: The Healing Heart

Enjoy the new 10-song album, Streaming Everywhere now!

Book: It Happened On Cherry Street

Diane’s new book, It Happened on Cherry Street, has been ranked on Amazon as the #1 Release! This children’s book follows Raphie and Charlie for a day of exploring their friendly neighborhood.

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited .

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“I love to share videos and sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes and the inspirations for my music.”

Beyond the Golden Sea - EP

6-Song EP via Neo Pacifica Recordings

“This is a beautiful eclectic group of songs I wrote to sail beyond, fly above, touch heaven, and dream of love, whenever we might need it.”

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