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Echoes of the Past Float Away

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‘When I write music, I always get in tune with the energy I feel from the Earth and humanity. The day that ‘Echoes of the Past’ was written, I could feel that a great letting go was needed because something new, something better was waiting to take it’s place. True enough that things seem hopeless at times, but we are uniting on so many fronts now, demanding fairness, equality and transparency. We are on the way to becoming one family, as it was meant to be, as we release the old from the past.’

‘World Calling’ Out Now

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“In my youth I was horribly bullied, and music was a healing and empowering outlet for me, which led to exploring lots of different musical instruments. This song is about empowerment and Rising above it all. And I found this beautiful phrase in the title, which sums it up perfectly.  I SING.” – Diane Arkenstone

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“I love to share videos and sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes and the inspirations for my music.”

Avalon: Between Earth and Sky

We both love Celtic history, myths and magic, which is why we wrote the first Avalon album. And this new album is the continuation of the first one but from the feminine point of view, as the feminine energy gains power and recognition in the world, and keeps Avalon alive, on into the future.

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