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diane arkenstone

Diane Arkenstone

Though her name has mostly been built as a prominent ambient music artist, Diane Arkenstone is a multi-genre musician. She has created transcendent ambient songs, as well as trance, world, americana, Native American, and Celtic music.”

More Benefits of Meditation Music

Music for meditation isn’t fully and properly understood; there’s a lot of misconceptions out there that are preventing more people from experiencing the impactful benefits of listening to music while you connect to your inner self. In an effort to debunk this genre’s biggest myth and shed some light on the powerful benefits of music during meditation, we’ll break down everything you need to know in this article.

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The Myth: You Can’t Achieve Inner Peace While Listening to Music

Raise your hand if you think that you need silence in order to meditate. If your hand is up, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people don’t believe it’s possible to enter a meditative state why listening to music. The problem is, there are certain methods that either require you to focus solely on your breath or utilize a mantra practice. Neither of these methods is conducive to practicing with music. But there is a practice style you can use called mindfulness that does allow for listening to your favorite music created by your favorite musicians. The best part is, mindfulness is the most popular form of meditation across the world and thousands of people combine it with music that they find relaxing every single day.

What is Meditation?

Improved Intimacy

Now that we’ve begun to unpack meditation music’s biggest misconception, we’d be amiss to not mention that there are also myths and misconceptions around mediation itself. Despite the fact that it’s a popular practice and a rather trendy topic, very few people are aware of what it actually is. Meditation can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but in its simplest form, it’s a method to get clarity on your thoughts. It helps us to find the answers we’re looking for as well as the inner peace and satisfaction that create a happy and fulfilled life. It also activates our minds and helps us to develop our higher mental faculties. It’s not the complicated process that many people think it is. All you need is a few quiet minutes to yourself every day and you’ll start to reap the amazing benefits. No matter how you choose to meditate, it’s all about connecting with yourself and taking the time in your day to focus on the things that bring light and positivity to your world.

Defining the Genre

Any Genre Will Work For Your Personal Zen Practice

Music has transformative powers and there’s a whole range of styles and genres to choose from. It’s difficult to put any kind of music into a certain box, because the truth is, the sounds are different for every person. The combination of rhythms and melodies in music can have a profound impact on your mind. More often than not, this music for meditation is slow, soothing, and without harsh elements, as this type of music will help induce a relaxing state. That being said, there’s nothing to say that you can’t listen to heavy metal music while you meditate, it’s whatever works best for your individual style. With artists like Diane Arkenstone creating a variety of new age music styles, people are finding that there is a myriad of music types to choose from and that there’s no one perfect sound.

You Can Listen to Upbeat Music and Still Achieve a Deep State

Diane Arkenstone offers a wide range of new age music styles that can all work as inspiration for a meditative state to enhance your wellness practice. Here are a few of her albums that we recommend you try as you work to find the style of music that resonates best with you on your path to inner peace:

  • Spirit of the Canyon—Native American Music
  • The Healing Spirit–Ambient Music
  • Aquaria A Liquid Blue Trancescape—Trance Music

Your Preferred Relaxation Music May Look Different Than Someone Else’s

Stress Relief and Balance Emotions

One benefit of enjoying music while you meditate is that your stress and anxiety levels are reduced.

Relaxation Music is Good For The Soul and Spirit

As you hear the sounds and slip into a quiet place in your mind, you’ll feel calmer and the stressors of life will begin to melt away. Part of decreasing stress is learning how to balance your emotions. Maintaining a balance of emotions is vital for our health and happiness. Studies show that people who listen to music while they meditate are better at controlling their emotions.

Improved Sleep

Music can help to calm and soothe your mind and body as you prepare to drift to sleep. It allows you to quiet the mind and discontinue the train of thoughts that often plagues our sleep patterns.

Increased Focus and Concentration

Thanks to the relaxing properties of peaceful music, you can focus more attention on the task at hand without feeling the pull of a wandering mind.

Helps to Heal Your Body

Similar to the way soothing music calms the mind, it also calms the body, allowing it the opportunity to heal and rest.

Enhanced Relaxation Is Just One of The Many Amazing Benefits

We all tend to move at a fast pace and reprioritize self-care rituals that can keep us feeling our best. Listening to soothing music is the perfect way to ease your mind and your body, giving it the downtime it deserves.

More mindful Eating Habits

Research shows that listening to calming music while you eat your meals encourages you to slow down and enjoy your food and helps ensure that you don’t overeat. Those who are overweight or looking to create a healthier, more manageable lifestyle are encouraged to slow down and be intentional with every bite of food they put into their bodies, and music can help enhance that process.

Permission to “Lose Control”

Many of us try to control everything in our lives and environments which can lead to stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

What Are The Other Benefits of Music for Meditation?

Listening to music while you meditate allows you to completely lose control of what’s going on around you so that you focus solely on your mind and body.

It’s Ok to Relinquish External Control as You Connect to Your Mind and Body

Want to feel closer and more connected to your partner? Meditation music can help. If you and your partner commit to listening to music while taking a deep look inside yourselves, your connection will strengthen and with that your intimacy will improve.

Diane Arkenstone’s New Age Style Is Perfect For Finding Your Inner Peace…

Browse the many genres of her beautiful, melodic, storytelling meditation music styles here.